Re-elect | San Dimas Mayor 2022

Emmett BADAR

It has been a privilege and honor to serve as your mayor over the past two challenging years. Before my election for mayor in 2020, I served on the Planning Commission for 13 years and then was elected to the City Council in 2007 after retiring from a 36- year career in law enforcement.

The City has been financially prudent and is one of the strongest financially in the state. We project a $213,337 surplus for next year, and we estimate more than a million-dollar surplus for the current year. I will continue to focus on ensuring our financial strength, which supports great City programs and services.

I have strived to build bridges in the community, working with residents, businesses, community-based organizations, members of the city council, Bonita Unified School District, and others to serve our city better. Under my leadership, our local government continued to provide city services seamlessly during unprecedented government restrictions and shutdowns.

During my next term, I will continue to focus my attention on public safety, the Gold Line, infrastructure, our city finances, homelessness, and addressing local development. I feel it is essential we protect the quality of life we all have come to love about our town. I have always been and will continue to be accessible to the San Dimas community.

Working to Keep San Dimas' Future Strong!

I ask for your vote and would be honored to continue serving as your mayor.

  • Led the City through unprecedented times, addressing local emergencies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Worked with stakeholders during civil unrest to keep peace and safety in our community.
  • Supported our citizen soldiers by providing housing to our National Guard during civil unrest.
  • Ensured our city continued to provide essential services to its citizens.
  • Worked with the city council members to select a new City Manager to bring positive change in our city.
  • Supported increased efforts in public safety, such as the revival of our Traffic Motor Deputy program and the FLOCK Safety System to help apprehend.
  • Worked with City Council members and community members to address community needs.
  • Served on the Cities Finance Committee to provide oversight of City finances to ensure the city’s accountability.
  • Supported and contributed to the City Council’s effort to reform the Boards, Commissions, and Committee’s handbook, as well as the expansion of the cities nepotism policy precluding the Mayor, City Council members, or City Manager from having their family or relatives serve on Boards, Commissions, or Committees.
  • Advocated for fiduciary, fair, smart, and responsible decisions for the city in potential or actual litigation

Commitment to San Dimas

My long-term benefit to the community makes me the only candidate with the working knowledge of past and current issues. I will continue to build bridges with residents, businesses, community-based organizations, the city council, and the Bonita Unified School District.

I have...

…lived in San Dimas with my wife Pam for 39 years, raising our three children here

…served as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department for 36 years

…served on the San Dimas Public Safety Commission Commission, appointed in1993.

…Voted chairman of that commission in 2005, retained that position until winning his city council election in 2007

…served three terms as a San Dimas City Councilman

…served two years as Mayor of San Dimas

Emmett Supports the Mobile Home Accord

“The San Dimas Mobile Home Accord is a voluntary agreement initiated by the city between the owners of the 5 mobile home parks in the city  and their residents. The accord allows owners reasonable rent increases to keep up with the cost to maintain the parks and also protects the residents from experiencing excessive rents.  The original accord was approved in 1995 and has been extended every 5 years since then.”

City of San Dimas Mobile Home Rehabilitation Program

The Mobile Home Rehabilitation Program will provide grants for low-and moderate-income households for home repairs such as roof repair, windows, doors, A/C, etc. Funds are available to assist in the cost of property repairs to correct code violations, home repairs, and conditions determined to be detrimental to health and safety. The program does not permit improvements for aesthetic purposes or home improvement repairs prior to an immediate resale of the property. Priority is given to first-time applicants and health and safety conditions. Preliminary eligibility requires the household falls within the annual income limits guidelines set by the HCD.


ALADS, the largest association of deputy sheriffs and district attorney investigators in the United States, currently representing more than 8,000 sworn law enforcement officers, is pleased to endorse your candidacy for re-election as the Mayor of San Dimas.

The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs

I am proud to announce that at our LA County FOP Lodge 1 February 2022 Board Meeting, by a unanimous vote, you were endorsed for re-election as Mayor of the San Dimas City Council.  As a long-standing member of our lodge, we know you will serve the citizens and community of San Dimas well.

Bill Westermann / LA County FOP Lodge 1 Secretary

Jean and I are supporting Mayor Badar for re-election on June 7. Keep us going in a positive direction.

Bob and Jean Oleander

San Dimas Resident

PPOA Board of Directors is proud to once again announce their endorsement of your candidacy for San Dimas City Mayor.

Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOPA)

Emmett’s leadership saw us through the COVID-19 crisis while keeping the city functioning and moving forward with his many accomplishments. He loves our community and has been invested in activities and different Boards, commissions, and committees for many years.

There is no better or stronger candidate, and I hope you will join us in supporting and voting to re-elect Emmett Badar.

The Skinner Family is endorsing Emmett Badar for San Dimas Mayor.

We are supporting Emmett Badar’s re-election for Mayor of San Dimas. With the challenges in our world today, we are comforted by having a knowledgeable candidate who listens and considers all sides of an issue.

Mitchell and Susan Crawford

San Dimas Resident

List of Endorsements:

Bonita Unified School District  (Individual Endorsements)
Derick Bahmanou • Glenn Creiman • Jim Elliot • Greg Palatto

San Dimas City Councilmembers  
Denis Bertone • Ryan Vienna • Eric Weber

San Dimas Planning Commissioners  
Dave Bratt • Margie Green • Tomas Molina • John Davis • Ted Ross

  • Former Mayor, Curt Morris and Glenda Morris
  • Patrick and Susan Jones
  • Nick and Rita McGee
  • Retired Superior Court Judge, Jack Hunt
  • Scott Dilley 
  • Public Safety Commissioner, Morgan Kostolefsky
  • Former Councilman, Jeff Templeman and Terry Templeman
  • Tim Jennings
  • Public Safety Commissioner, Albert Bare
  • Gail Hartman
  • Larry Giaonne
  • Karol Curtis
  • Pat Brahs
  • Senior Citizen Commissioner, Sean Cazares
  • Keith and Kim Ince

Absentee Ballot Registration May 9-31st

Deadline to Register or Re-register to Vote – May 23rd – Early Voting Starts May 28th

For other voting information, visit L.A. County Voter Registration Page: